How to install apps on laptop-Step by step guide

How to install apps on laptop-step by step guide for Downloading and Installing apps from Microsoft Store:
Step 1: Open Microsoft Store Step 2: Search For your App Step 3: Click Install Button Step 4: Find your App in the Windows Start APP list.

How to install apps on laptop-Step by step guide

The process of Downloading and Installing Applications in laptop and Desktop is similar. Because Desktop and Laptop both use OS (Operating Systems) and both functions are same.

If you are using Windows, then this article will help you out and you can Install App in your system too.

Downloading Apps [For Windows Operating System]

There are two best options for downloading Apps in laptop if you are using Windows operating system.

Option 1: Download apps from ‘Microsoft Store’

In every windows OS, We have the “Microsoft Store” or windows store as pre-installed. Now question is Where we Search and Download Apps for FREE (Just similar way in Google Play on Android and App Store on IOS). If our application is Available in the Microsoft Store then we can easily Download and Install The APP.

Option 2: Download apps from “Web or Web Sites”

If first option means “Microsoft Store” not pre Installed inside your Windows Operating system, then you can use Websites to Download and Install Applications for Windows system. For App we need to search by using Google or you can also visit the Official website directly.
This way can Install Apps that aren’t available in “Microsoft store” but you have to be little Cautious while installing any APP. Always install Apps from Official or Trusted Websites.

How to Download / Install Apps using Microsoft Store

For Downloading and Installing applications from Microsoft Store you required to follow These Easy Steps:
Step 1: Open Microsoft Store
Step 2: Search For your Application
Step 3: Click Install Button
Step 4: Find your App in the Windows Start App list

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store [ Download Apps in Laptop]

For Downloading and installing App from “Microsoft Store”, you required to Open Microsoft Store from laptop.
To open Microsoft Store, you can Search “Microsoft Store” in search tab or by using CTL+S you can type Microsoft store.

Step 2: Search For your App

After opening your “Microsoft Store” from laptop, you will find its Dashboard where multiple apps are their similar to Play store. You can find by using “Search Option” from the top. Search your required Application from there. In left bar various option available and you can Browse different Apps from different categories. You need to Login with your Microsoft account for using Microsoft Store”.

Step 3: Click Install Button [ Installing Application]

After searching your Application inside Microsoft Store & then Click on it. Application will POP up and by using “Install” button you can install similar programs for your laptop.

After Clicking the “Install” Button, Microsoft Store will start Downloading your Application on downloading bar or below to browser. Wait until it Finish Download your and after downloading when you click on it “Open” or “Run” button come. If you are not able to locate “Open” or “Run” button then you can try to Open the App from Application List.

Step 4: Find your Application in the Windows

After successfully downloading and installing your Application from Microsoft Store, now you can access your App from Start Button. From start button of laptop you can find your APP and then can use it like similar to mobile.

If you don’t have Microsoft Store installed inside your Laptop/OS Or you are unable to find your Application inside Microsoft Store. Then can proceed as per below guided step.

How to Download / Install Apps using Web Browser

To install Apps from Web-Brower inside your Windows OS, You need to follow these steps:
Step 1: Open your Web Browser.
Step 2: In Google, Search for your Application.
(Example Amazon.exe Download for Windows)
Step 3: Select a link from Google Results.
Step 4: Find and click the Download Button.
Step 5: Run the exe/MSI file.
Step 6: Follow the Installation Wizard Instructions.
Step 7: Run your application using Desktop Shortcuts or from Start Button.

Step 1: Open your Web Browser [To download Apps in Laptop]

To download and Install Applications from the Website, we required a Web Browser like Chrome, Bing etc from where we will download the Installer or Files for Windows OS.

Step 2: in Google, Search for required Application.

Search your application in search engine like Google, Bing etc. Most of system google remain as default browser. So you can type in google. By search engine you can download .exe file for your desired application.

Step 3: Choose link from Google Results

Search your Apps inside search engine, you will get a lot of Results according to your Query.
From there you can select a Link (Recommend picking the Official Website to Install Apps from the Web).

Step 4: Find and click the Download Button

After selection of a Link from Google Search Results, it will be redirected for Selected Website. There you can find the Download option. Right Click on the Download option and App Download will start automatically. If not, then you can manually click to download.

Step 5: Run the .exe/msi file

After downloading complete you will click on the downloaded .exe file and Run it for install.

Step 6: Follow the Installation Wizard Instructions

Follow all instruction and accept after reading all terms and conditions. Click which is necessary for installation.

Step 7: Run your application using Desktop Shortcuts or from Start window

After successfully installation it will automatically Pop-Up, or you can find from Start window by searching its name. You can pin it to task bar or desktop menu.

Unable to Install Apps?

After Downloading the Application, if you are unable to Install the App. Then you need to make sure that

Check Application is Compatibility for your system

Check whether you downloaded wrong option, means if your system is compatible with 64 bit and you have downloaded 32 bit then it will not run. You can check your version from system properties.

So make sure opting for right option while Downloading and Installing a Application.

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